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Ngon Garden is a spectacular transformation of “Quan An Ngon” brand in the journey of preserving authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

For those who love Vietnamese cuisine, more or less they cherish Quan An Ngon. Over a decade in a engrossed journey with a mission of preserving and developing the values of traditional cuisine, Quan An Ngon intensively improves, strives to maintain service quality and pays attention to every single dish on customers’ dining table.

In the context of integration and culinary interference between Vietnam and countries worldwide, Quan An Ngon proudly introduces a brand new version of the restaurant, aiming to serve customers with fresher and more convenient needs. Ngon Garden is a marvelous change of Quan An Ngon – the beginning of Vietnamese culinary development journey.

Approximately 3000 m2 with the breathtaking view of poetic Thien Quang Lake, Ngon Garden is the harmonious combination of modern architectural space and house – garden model, which is very close to nature, right beside the old French villa. Ngon Garden opens up the space with nostalgic breath of ancient Indochina.

Ngon Garden is the sophisticated refinement to retain old styles but cleverly blows into it fresh spirit. From architectural space, food, services to people, it shows off the elegance and prosperity of glorious Indochina in the past but still very modern. Wishing to bring into that space the soul of historic Indochina time, recreate the material and emotional wealth of the golden age in integration context, diners can feel the rhythm of noisy urban life but wafting beauty of the past. It brings fresh feeling yet familiar to those who have gone through glorious years, concurrently helps the young know more about beautiful ancient features without humdrum feeling.

Just crossing the doorstep, a green and fragrant garden with flowers is in front of your eyes. Hundreds type of flowers and tropical plants are naturally decorated, cover up the garden with green color. They all gather here: ylang ylang, orchids with balmily scent, charming confederate rose under sunshine and familiar big trees in hometown garden like jackfruit. No need to find a peace of mind in faraway suburbs, right inside this bustling town, there is a lovely garden with familiar corners, just reach out your hand to touch those things. In the middle of the flower garden, it is designed by crystal clear fish lakes, with plentiful of water lily intermingling with violet color.

If you are seeking for a leisure place to enjoy breakfast, a quiet corner to be inspired, Ngon Garden with awesome view of Thien Quang lake with live up to your expectation. Don’t miss your chance to nibble hot tea or coffee while seeing the bustling streets.

Ngon Garden owns a class of VIP rooms within the area of an old French villa, which was designed as a gallery to create the luxurious, cozy, intimate yet artistic space, hence suitable to organize high-class or partnership parties with exclusive VIP menu.  

Besides the distinct garden, Ngon Garden with contemporary Indochina architecture is also noted because it is the combination of restaurant chain, meeting diverse needs of customers: family meetings, friend gatherings, events, etc. Coming to Ngon Garden, you can fully experience gastronomic theme with food and beverage, from coffee – breakfast, afternoon tea, seafood, BBQ hotpot, and home dinners to street food with a menu of over 300 Vietnamese dishes.

Ngon Garden is glad to welcome you!


70 Nguyen Du Strt., Hai Ba Trưng District, Hanoi


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 090 222 6224
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70 Nguyen Du str., Hai Ba Trung District, Hà Nội


Ngon Garden owns a class of VIP rooms in the area of the ancient French villa, designed as galleries to create a space that is luxurious, cozy and private but full of art, very suitable for organize high-class parties or entertain important partners with a special VIP menu.